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Digital Grand Opening: The New Self-Service Customer Center!

Since we’re in the business of helping alleviate stress during those unfortunate financial emergencies, the team here at Northcash just took it one step further: we’ve officially opened the new Self-Service Customer Center! So, consider this our official invitation to create your Self-Service account, which was designed to make managing your lending needs as straightforward as possible.  #digitalhighfive  “But What Does It Do?”   As you can probably guess from its name, our Self-Service Customer Center lets you do just that: streamline your account management independently and easily through our secure, online portal. Our customers now have easy, on-the-go access to account details like: Balance information; Up-to-date payment history; A schedule of upcoming payment dates; Promotional Email and SMS communication preferences; And access to a new loan application if the need arises in the future. Put simply, this platform tailors our customer services to your unique needs, any time you need it. While you Read More…

The Best Second Hand Clothes to Buy

Northcash is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the companies, brands, services or websites mentioned and linked to in this article. Reference to these parties is strictly for editorial and descriptive purposes only. If you shop at the right places, you’d be surprised at the quality of the second hand clothes available at discounted prices. It generally takes a bit of hunting to make sure you find items in line with your specific style and budget, but the effort is usually worth it as you discover new favorites for future shopping ventures. Consider the following sources before your next budget-conscious shopping spree:

Top Ways to Save Money at Home

These days many people have debt, which means that we are all trying to save money wherever and however we can. In many cases, this means finding multiple ways to make use of things we already have or adopting better consumption habits. By exercising a little frugality, you can save anywhere from a few dollars a day to hundreds every month. Consider these simple ways to save money at home:

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Tips for Building a Rainy Day Fund

5 Tips for Building a Rainy Day Fund

When it comes to saving, most people think about their retirement. Having a rainy day fund, however, is equally important. It can save you from serious financial trouble during unexpected situations while also enhancing your saving and spending habits.

Inexpensive Winter Activity Ideas for Families

Every winter, you’re likely to find your family suffering from cabin fever at some point. It could be the weather, school holidays or just plain boredom. Whatever it is, if your family is suffering from the winter blues, these fun and cheap activities could be just the thing to alleviate the winter doldrums! See our list of winter activity ideas for families to start planning your own this season:

5 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Choosing a used car over a brand new vehicle comes with a wide range of advantages. Apart from typically being more affordable, used cars tend to preserve their value over a longer period of time. But in order to buy the best used car that fits your need and your budget, research is crucial. Here are five essential tips for buying a used car.  Determine Your Budget Setting a strict budget cap is the first thing to do. The step will keep you from going overboard and it will also limit the number of available options. Also, if the car you have your eye on is out of warranty, you may want to set aside an extra emergency fund that can be used for unexpected car repairs as well as necessary maintenance. Research Now that you have your budget, it’s time to research models. Every model has its benefits and Read More…

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Ideas for What to do on a Staycation

How to Reduce Car Repair Costs

Unexpected car repairs can be a real budget buster. Even if you own a reliable car, there’s always annual maintenance and eventual repairs to be done. Since it can’t be avoided, you might as well try to save on car repair costs any time you can. Here are our 5 tips for reducing your car repair costs: Keep up the maintenance It won’t eliminate repairs entirely, but car parts last longer when properly maintained. It also minimizes the chances of something major catching you by surprise. Regular maintenance is always cheaper than a major repair caused by neglect. Do it yourself You can save on car repair costs by doing it yourself. There are books, electronic databases and videos that can help nurture your inner mechanic. Most can be accessed for free online or from your local library. Repairs aren’t always easy, but simple ones can be done with average Read More…

What to do on a Staycation? 5 Ideas That Stay On Budget

Maybe you don’t have the budget to embark on an extensive adventure or perhaps you just don’t have the time to get away from the office. Either way, a staycation lets you kick back and relax without having to pack your bags and book a flight. You might want some time to yourself or you might be looking to spend some time with your loved ones; on a staycation, anything goes! Here are some great ideas for what to do on a staycation: Have A Spa Day Planning a little at-home pampering is a great opportunity to relax and unwind. You can fire up the jets in your soaker tub or hot tub and even add some bubbles. Maybe grab some products ahead of time to do your own hair, skin or nail treatments. Bypassing a trip to a high-end, high-priced spa doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little Read More…

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