The Best Second Hand Clothes to Buy

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If you shop at the right places, you’d be surprised at the quality of the second hand clothes available at discounted prices. It generally takes a bit of hunting to make sure you find items in line with your specific style and budget, but the effort is usually worth it as you discover new favorites for future shopping ventures. Consider the following sources before your next budget-conscious shopping spree:

Garage Sales

Don’t be fooled by the name; you could come away with some high quality, brand name second hand clothes at garage sales. There’s no question the clothing could be yours at a fraction of the cost; it just depends on your dedication in hunting for the right style and fit for you. You could find valuable, out-of-stock pieces for men’s and women’s fashion from popular brands. Just remember, be patient and don’t be afraid to negotiate prices!

eCommerce Bargain Sites

There are plenty of online spots where you can get good second hand clothing. Out of all of them, eBay is by far the most recognized vendor; you can find Ralph Lauren, Gucci, even Vera Wang hand-me-downs that have retained much of their original glory and are going for a fraction of the price. Oftentimes, the seller will have worn something just once for a single occasion, and is eager to offload it below market value.

Somewhat recently, the website has sprung onto the scene as a huge consignment and thrift store, which is a lot more specialized than eBay for the procurement of second hand clothing. They’ve got stuff for kids, men, women, babies, and even pets.

Brick-and-Mortar Thrift Shops

Depending on where you live, you can find top-notch second hand clothing at Buffalo Exchange, which are boutiques spread throughout the country. These are well-known for the style and well-tailored quality of the clothes they re-sell; you’re guaranteed to be able to find (and sell some of your own) great, brand name clothing here.

As long as you’re willing to take the time to search, you can uncover some real gems when it comes to second hand clothing stores.

See more ideas on budget-friendly shopping with this list of the best generic products to buy at the grocery store!

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