Digital Grand Opening: The New Self-Service Customer Center!

Northcash Self-Service Macbook 1Since we’re in the business of helping alleviate stress during those unfortunate financial emergencies, the team here at Northcash just took it one step further: we’ve officially opened the new Self-Service Customer Center!

So, consider this our official invitation to create your Self-Service account, which was designed to make managing your lending needs as straightforward as possible.  #digitalhighfive

 “But What Does It Do?”  

As you can probably guess from its name, our Self-Service Customer Center lets you do just that: streamline your account management independently and easily through our secure, online portal.

Our customers now have easy, on-the-go access to account details like:

  • Balance information;
  • Up-to-date payment history;
  • A schedule of upcoming payment dates;
  • Promotional Email and SMS communication preferences;
  • And access to a new loan application if the need arises in the future.

Put simply, this platform tailors our customer services to your unique needs, any time you need it. While you can still call one of our Customer Care Representatives, you now have all your account details right at your fingertips. It’s lending organization at its finest.  

 “Where Do I Find the Self-Service Customer Center?”

On the Northcash website, all you need to do is click the LOG IN button right at the top of the page. (Alternatively, you can book mark for easy access).

To create your account just provide your email address, the last four digits of your SSN and your date of birth. Then you’re all set up and can manage your Northcash account straight from your computer or smartphone.

We Want To Hear What You Think

Quick and accessible customer service is our ultimate goal with this new platform and that means we’re hoping to hear your feedback! We want to get your thoughts on the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly, experiences with the Self-Service Customer Center. It’s a help-us-help-you kind of thing.

Create your Self-Service profile today and Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think.  

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Northcash is an economic arm of the Fort Belknap Indian Community, a federally-recognized Indian tribe located in Hays, Montana. The Tribe and its businesses have governmental sovereign immunity and have not and are not waiving that immunity for any purpose associated with the consumer lending business of Northcash and therefore Northcash is not subject to suit by you or any third-party for any reason. CAUTION: IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE DOING BUSINESS WITH A SOVEREIGN INDIAN TRIBE THAT IS NOT SUBJECT TO SUIT, YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE USING AND ACCESSING THIS SITE. We may from time to time in our sole discretion and without notice to you modify the terms of this Agreement and/or change the rules that govern your use of our Site.

Who is providing this notice?

North Star Finance, LLC d/b/a Northcash, an economic arm of the Fort Belknap Indian Community.

This is an expensive form of borrowing, and it is not intended to be a long-term financial solution. Northcash loans are designed to assist you in meeting your emergency borrowing needs. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applied to your loan will vary depending on the pay period with the maximum APR on any Northcash loan being 795%. This is a term installment loan with approximate equal payments, but you have the right to prepay at any time. Any instances of late or non-payment may be subject to additional fees, such as NSF and late fees, as well as collection activities Before borrowing, we ask that you assess your ability to repay the amount you borrow.

You acknowledge that by submitting and completing the loan application that you are applying for a loan. We verify loan applicant information through credit reporting agencies such as Clarity, Factor Trust, and DataX. We may obtain your credit information in order to determine your eligibility and ability to repay.

Northcash does not lend to residents of Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, or to members of the military or their dependents.

The availability of online installment loans are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Northcash.

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