Ideas for Free Things to do in summer

A field things to do in summer

Summer is here! If you are like most people, you are looking for things to do in summer time. But the desire to go out and do things can throw your budget way out of whack. Restaurants,  amusement parks, ribfests, and even the gas in your car, can all add up fast. While sometimes it’s tough to have fun without spending any money, here are some budget-friendly ideas for things to do in summer that might help reduce those expenses.

Have a picnic in the park

Pick a beautiful day and head on over to your local park for a picnic rather than spending big money at a restaurant patio. Parks are truly the best way to enjoy the season’s greenery, and best of all, admission is free.

Attend a free outdoor movie screening

Many cities and towns offer a free outdoor movie screening at a local town square or city center. This can be a fun and family-friendly way for you to get out of the house, enjoy some culture and maybe even chat with some of your neighbors.

Go to a street festival

Taking in the atmosphere at a local street festival can be a great time. There’s often a lot of free entertainment like musicians and street performers.

Take an evening stroll

Sometimes just going for a walk through a tree-lined street is a great summer activity when it cools down during the evening. It’s good for your health as well as your mind. Because when you need things to do in summer, sometimes the simplest activities are the best.

Want more great ideas for your budget? See how you can save up for a goal.

Coupons, used wisely, offer amazing savings—a great way to make things work when money is tight without sacrificing all the things we love to have, a great way to squeeze a movie night out of an already well-optimized budget. But that’s only when you use them right. Coupons aren’t always your friend, so make sure you remember these five coupon tips the next time you’re clipping or printing, lest you fall for the same coupon mistakes so many others have before: Buying things you don’t need. This is one of the most repeated coupon tips, for good reason. Just because you can get something cheaper doesn’t mean it’s worth spending money on. Far too many budget conscious people end up with pantries and storage rooms full of ‘bargains’ not at all worth the expenditure. That’s not to say that you should give up on a nice little extra courtesy of a coupon here and there—just make sure the coupon makes enough difference.

If you’re like most people, your credit is your lifeline in tough times. One wrong turn can ruin that in no time, so you have to be prepared and informed. One way of doing that is to keep track of your credit report and score over time. Not only will you know what’s going on, but you’ll be able to find and fix errors, get items removed, and more. There are a few different options for how to get things off your credit report. For starters, most of the credit bureaus have an online service for this. There is often a “dispute” or “correct information” button on the page where you are viewing your credit report, or somewhere on the website nearby. A click of this button, a little information, and you can be on your way to good repair. You could also call the creditor directly (if there is a negative or incorrect item) and see if they will review the account or item and take it off. The creditor may or may not remove the item, but you can then turn to the credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) and have them remove or investigate disputed items. That’s the best place to start when finding out how to get things off your credit report. If you are trying to figure out how to get things off your credit report that are valid, that’s another story. You can often work out payment arrangements with many of the companies that…

Many of us strive to be a more eco-conscious but at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. If you are having trouble finding the best ways to go green and you feel like you just can’t afford to adopt a greener lifestyle, you’re in luck! Here are 7 ways to be green while staying on a budget. Buy Local: Organic cuisine is all the rage in the green circles these days. But organic can get kind of pricey. Rather than break the bank to buy organic, why not consider shopping locally? Head out to farmers’ markets, farm stands, or just go out and find the different vendors yourself. Not only will you be buying fresh, quality produce but you can save some money as well. Digital Subscriptions: If you get subscriptions to magazines or newspapers and you’re worried about all the excess paper being wasted, cancel your subscription now! Recycle your older magazines and get yourself a digital subscription. The digital subscription is not only more environmentally friendly, but you can also browse the magazine more easily and they won’t take up space in your home! Reusable Bags: Another habit that is easy to cut back on is the use of plastic bags. If you are really interested in finding ways to be green, get yourself a reusable bag and use it to carry groceries, books, laundry or anything, really. If you are going to use plastic bags, you should make an effort to recycle them…

The Better Choices For Your Money You may think that winning the lottery or a receiving a mysterious inheritance are the only ways to get cash quickly, but there are things that you can do right now to make your fiscal situation better. Here are some of the best ways to save money fast when you’re in a pinch: Track Your Expenses and Income to Determine How Much You Have to Spend Each Month One of the best ways to save money fast is to track your every expense. Dollars and cents. Every time. Write down everything you spend money on, and write down all of your income. Quantify all your recurring monthly expenses (for example, rent, utilities, car, and insurance). To determine how much money you have left each month, subtract your recurring monthly expenses from your total earnings. The balance is your disposable income, also known as what you have left over from your income. That’s it – don’t spend more than this amount! Cut Where You Can Cutting back on what you are spending is not always fun. But it is one of the best ways to save money fast. You may even have to live without your daily latte, cable TV, date nights, junk food and hair appointments to save money. Pay off Credit Cards If you can pay off your credit cards and close them, you can save a considerable amount of money in interest charges. Simply paying the minimum each month will never get…

How to Pay Off a Credit Card Quickly Credit card debt can be good and bad at the same time, but either way you need to pay it off as quickly as you can. Your credit score may be boosted by using your credit card and then paying it off. However, if you find yourself using your credit card to buy more than you can afford, you may find yourself with a large balance that needs to be paid off. The following examples represent how to pay off a credit card in a short period of time. Cut Unnecessary Expenses If you can cut as many unnecessary expenses as possible, you may have a bit of extra money that you can use to pay down any existing debt you may have. One tip for cutting down on unnecessary expenses is to consider eating at home on a more regular basis instead of at restaurants. You may actually cut your food expenses in half or more by preparing your own meals. As a bonus, the home-cooked meals you prepare will likely be healthier than the ones you’d eat while dining out. Other ways to cut unnecessary expenses include avoiding shopping sprees and cutting back on various types of entertainment. Consider cutting back on your cable TV package or cell phone plan if possible. Pay More Than the Minimum Another option for how to pay off a credit card quickly is to pay more than the minimum amount due if you cannot…

For many people, the weekly grocery bill is one area where it’s easy to go over budget. Keep these cheap staple foods on hand and you won’t need extra trips to the store or a stop at the local fast food restaurant. They’re all versatile, easy to find, easy to make and yes…cheap! Cheap Staple Food #1: Oats Great on their own at breakfast, oats are whole grain, so they’re filling. You can flavor them almost any way you want. They can also be used in smoothies, baked goods, and even to thicken chili.  Cheap Staple Food #2: Eggs They are one of the cheapest forms of protein you can get. Of course they are perfect for breakfast, but they make great lunches and dinners too. Egg salad sandwiches, frittatas, and quiche are popular main dishes. You can even put them in fried rice, soups, and salads. Cheap Staple Food #3: Beans They show up on every list of cheap staple foods for a reason. Canned beans are cheap enough, but if you have time to cook them and really need to squeeze your food budget, dried beans are the way to go. The basis of many vegan main dishes, they go with just about everything. Also try them in soups, stews, as a side dish or even in a salad. Cheap Staple Food #4: Sweet Potatoes They’re just as versatile as other kinds of potatoes but pack a bigger nutritional punch. You can even use them to make your…

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