Need Help Paying Bills? Try a Short Term Loan


Need help paying bills?

If you need help paying bills, one of the best remedies can be a short term loan. Many times even people who work around the clock get stuck with expensive bills they didn’t expect and need financial help quickly. The problem with traditional financial institutions is that they are very rigid and can make the process stressful, especially if obtaining the loan requires a credit check. The beauty of small short term loans is that they usually don’t require a credit check and most of our customers receive their loan within one business day (depending on their bank). For some people, short term loans help accelerate their goals with little risk.
Catching Up with Bills

Even when it seems like you’ve got your finances under control, unexpected bills can pop and bring stress to your life. Sometimes all it takes is one event to disrupt your financial position. Getting ill and needing costly medication or treatment is one example of how you can suddenly incur large expenses, even if you have medical insurance. Another way people fall behind on bills is when they don’t plan ahead, only to realize it’s time to renew their driver’s license or other annual payments. People are so used to focusing on monthly bills that annual events can get forgotten until the fee is due. It’s nice to know that short term loans are there if you need them to make ends meet.
If Your Car Breaks Down

Everyone has to take care of auto maintenance at one time or another. Once in a while a part such as a fuel pump might need to be replaced, which could cost over $500 with labor. For many people that’s a huge chunk of their paycheck that they have already budgeted for something else. But car problems need to be resolved quickly so that they don’t interfere with your work or school schedule. If you don’t have the money in savings and you need help paying bills to get your car back on the road, short term loans can be the answer as long as you have a repayment plan.
High Energy Bills

In recent years, the cost of energy has only gone up for most people. In the summertime if you use air conditioning frequently, then your monthly energy costs could be as much as a vacation! You may need help paying bills just to stay up to date. Unless you want to conserve energy and cut costs while living miserably in the heat, you may want to use a short term loan to keep bills from going overdue.


Lowering Bills

Ultimately, if high bills bring you down, then you need to work on a plan that lowers your bills. It requires taking a hard look at separating your needs from desires and learning to live without luxuries. The first area that needs to be cut is excessive entertainment, such as purchasing videos, CDs and games. You can save a lot of money by developing a hobby that doesn’t require you to keep spending money, such as playing a musical instrument or riding a bicycle for exercise.
If you need help paying bills, Northcash can get you the money you need fast. Simply complete our secure online application form, and you can receive up to $500 in your bank account in as little as 1 day!

Four Situations Small Personal Loans Can Help You Out Of   Not every financial situation requires taking out a long-term loan. In many cases, small personal loans will fill the need with ease. Here are some examples of situations in which one of these loan arrangements will do the trick.   Your Paycheck is Short   Somebody in the office goofed, and the commission that was supposed to be on this paycheck wasn’t there. The error has been detected, and payroll is cutting a check for you that will be ready on Monday. That’s fine, but you really need to pick up some groceries now. Since small personal loans can often be obtained in a matter of hours, you can soon have the money in hand to hit the supermarket.   A Bill Creeps Up on You   Remember that insurance policy that comes with the six-month premium payment? Unfortunately, you forgot that it is due this month. Since your funds for the month are already committed to other obligations, taking out a short term loan makes sense.   Car Troubles   On the way home from work, the engine started making an unusual sound. Your mechanic has found the problem and can have the car ready in a few days. Small personal loans are a great solution for this type of emergency. By the time that the car is ready, you’ll have the cash in hand to cover the repairs.   You’re Sick You’ve been putting off going to…

In a pinch and need to save your pennies? Here are some tips for generating your savings quickly!

Having a hard time deciphering your credit score? Our infographic will help you understand the details of your credit score.

Pets are fun, and they can quickly become treasured members of our family. But, they can be expensive to care for. Here’s how to care for a pet without blowing your budget. Medical Care One of the largest expenses when it comes to your pets is medical care. However, you can protect yourself from some medical contingencies by buying pet medical insurance. For normal healthy pets, this is likely not a cost-effective option, but if you are concerned about health issues in the future, it can be a wise investment. Grooming and training Learn some basic grooming, like ear cleaning for dogs, and do it at home with natural, low cost ingredients and second hand tools, if necessary, too. You can learn to train your own pet, too. Check your local library for how-to books, or watch pet care videos online to get started.

Financial Goals Make the Best New Years Resolutions   Very few were left untouched by the economic downturn that shook the world not too long ago. Homes were foreclosed on them as jobs were lost as businesses went down. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that the future is unpredictable and being prepared is a must, not an option.   Being prepared One important thing you can do to cushion yourself is to save. One essential fund every individual or family should have is an emergency fund. It should be in form of cash or an investment that is easy to liquidate should the need arise. An emergency fund should ideally be equivalent to six months living expenses and monthly repayments if you have loans such as credit card debt, auto loans or student loans.   The best new years resolutions Making new year’s resolutions is a common, worldwide phenomenon. Also common is how many fall by the wayside in keeping to their resolutions just a few days into the new year. The best new years resolutions you can make is to get on track financially.   You can stick to financial goals by:   • Identifying your goals and prioritizing them. If you have debt, this should be the priority, especially credit card debt that quickly adds up thanks to compound interest. • Break down your goals into daily, monthly and annual goals. This will keep you focused. For instance, you will have to minimize…

A lot of life’s problems start very small and grow so big over time that they become unmanageable. Take your utility bills, for example. They are usually small, but if you fail to pay up for several months, the accumulated amount becomes a big issue. If you have no extra source of income, your overdue payments and debts disrupt your cash flow and can be a huge source of stress. When your needs are still small, taking out small loans can go a long way in preventing cash flow problems in the future. A small loan can impact your cash flow in the following ways: Helps you pay utility bills: Failing to pay utility bills on time is an expensive habit because you will be served with a fine with every late payment. The longer you put off paying, the higher the fine will be as it increases every month until you pay up the entire amount. Small loans can help prevent such a situation by allowing you to pay on time. Helps you clear small debts: Debts have an unpleasant habit of growing over time. The longer you put off paying, the more interest you will accumulate. Over several years, the small loan you have taken becomes so huge that you will be in danger of being stuck forever stuck in a debt trap. A short term loan can help you clear the debt while it is still small so that you will be able to move ahead with…

Americans spend a lot of cash every year on insurance of all types, including health, home and auto insurance. However, it is possible to lower these premiums and save. If you’re looking for tips on how to spend less money on insurance, consider the following:

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