Are You Paying Too Much for Your Internet? Here are 6 Ways to Save.

For most people, having access to high-speed internet both at home and mobile is a must in today’s world. From accessing work emails to browsing the web and social media channels, having reliable internet access is required. With this great tool comes the cost of accessing this both at home and on mobile devices. Since this is a cost, it is very important to make sure you are not overspending. On average, most Americans spend between $100-$300 each month on internet, cable and cell phone services, so this is not a small annual part of the budget.

Even if you are happy with your current provider, there is a chance you may be spending too much and here are 6 ways you can save on your monthly bill:

  • Buy your Router and Modem Instead of Leasing
  • Lower your Cell Data Plan and Rely on Wi-Fi
  • Examine your Bill for Excessive Fees and Shop Around
  • Move other Services to Your Provider
  • Drop Cable Services
  • Drop your Landline


Buy your Router and Modem Instead of Leasing

Do you intend to stay with your current ISP (internet service provider) for a while? It costs you every month to rent your network hardware from your ISP and you can save over the long haul by owning the equipment outright. Once your provider has already established your home network, take the time to examine your hardware, figure out the model and purchase one yourself.

The average cost of a router is around 3-4 times your monthly rental fees and set up is fairly simple. Once you have your new equipment set up, return the old rental equipment to your provider and have that portion of the monthly bill dropped moving forward. This is one simple trick that can save you quite a few dollars each month.


Lower Your Cell Data Plan and Rely on Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is easy to find for free at many coffeeshops, restaurants, malls and just about any public building today. Take a look at your smartphone and make sure that it automatically switched to Wi-Fi networks that are in range as opposed to pulling data from your plan. This will save you from reaching your data limit and will also prevent you going over and being forced to reduced internet speeds.

Taking this a step further, examine your cell phone plan and if you can master the art of using mainly Wi-Fi data then you can potentially even lower your data plan. This would be ideal because a smaller plan can lead to monthly savings that will compound over the year.


Examine your Bill for Excessive Fees and Shop Around

When you get you internet bill this month, take the time to review your monthly charges. More often than not, it is easy to overlook hidden or excessive fees that are unnecessary. At times, fees are still being charged for services you no longer use.

By being proactive you can cut out extra charges that can save you money moving forward each month. Are there charges you don’t understand? You can always call your ISP directly and have them explain to you what they are, how they work and if they are still necessary.


Move Other Services to Your Provider

Is your cable bill separate from your cell phone bill? Do you pay separate providers for these services? In residential areas there are often multiple companies that provide internet and cable services that compete on pricing. As a consumer this helps your cause by allowing you to shop around amongst competitors to make sure you are getting the best service and price.

Furthermore, many of these companies provide bundled services that often include high-speed internet and cable. Inquire if your service provider can bundle cell phone services also. By bundling all services, you can receive a discounted price to keep more money in your pocket at the end of each month.


Drop Cable Services

Cable is one of those services that people pay for (often quite too much) but rarely seem to use. With streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Now, there is really no need in paying an up-charge to access movies and shows via traditional cable. Companies like Hulu and Sling offer monthly subscription services that give you access to cable channels without being handcuffed to a cable service contract.

Why pay a high monthly fee for a service that you don’t use that often? Find streaming services that you will actually use and pay a fraction of what your monthly cable bill was costing.


Drop Your Landline

Many internet companies now include a landline phone number at no-charge for using their services. However, not every company includes landlines for free and this is an additional area of your bill to examine. If you are paying a monthly fee for your landline, either call your ISP to see if they can drop this charge or begin to shop around and find a provider that will include a free landline in with your other services.

All in all, taking a look at your expenses and finding ways to lower spending on a monthly basis can only benefit you. Start small with lowering your monthly cable and internet bill, then take this a step further to examine your entire budget. Using the above strategies will help you get more value from what you pay for while lowering the monthly bill for them. Remember, small changes today in your budget can save you tons over the long-haul. Start examining those monthly bills!

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