Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a number that most lenders use in order to determine your credit worthiness. If you are considering applying for a home loan, an auto loan, a credit card or personal loan, your credit score can play a massive role in the interest rates you are offered, the loan terms available and even whether or not you are approved. Additionally, your credit score can have an effect on other aspects of your life as well. Most landlords check your credit score when you apply for a lease or rental agreement, and many insurance companies and employers review your credit score these days when you apply with them as well. Because of the impact that your credit score has on a variety of life situations, it is critical that you understand how your credit score is determined, and the factors that can affect it.

Understanding your Credit Score

Understanding your credit score is an important step in being able to maintain a good credit rating. While your credit score is determined by your credit history, there are numerous factors that are combined to make up your credit score.

• Your Total Debt and Debt to Income Ratios

• Types of Credit Accounts

• The Number of Late Payments

• The Number of Past Due Accounts

• The Age of Credit Accounts

• Collections and Public Records

• Recent Credit Inquiries

It is important to remember that not all factors will affect your credit score equally. A high number of recent inquiries, for instance, is not nearly as devastating as an equally large number of late payments or accounts in collections.

Improving your Credit Score

If you have less than perfect credit, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your credit score. While understanding your credit score is extremely important, knowing what to do with that information can be critical in the wellbeing of your credit report.

It is important to check your credit report and score regularly, and make a note of any changes or discrepancies. If you notice incorrect information on your credit report, contact the credit reporting agency as soon as possible for information about filing a dispute.

Pay off high credit card balances as soon as you can. Although making timely payments on accounts like mortgages and car loans can have a big impact on your credit score, paying down credit card balances demonstrates your ability to manage your available credit, and can have a much bigger impact on your score.

Make all of your payments on time. Keep in mind that payments that are received more than 30 days past their due date can be detrimental to your credit score. Payment history makes up approximately 35% of your credit score.

Apply for additional credit in moderation. Too many inquiries on your credit report can set off alarms for lenders, and can be a sign that you are in a financial bind.

Pay off collections accounts as soon as you are able. Accounts that have been sent to collection demonstrate your inability or unwillingness to repay your debt, and are a red flag for lenders.

Try not to overextend yourself when it comes to your finances. The amount of debt you incur in relation to your income can not only have a big impact on your credit score, but too much debt can be a sign of poor credit management and automatically place you in a higher risk bracket.

If you find that you can’t meet your savings goals or that you have fallen behind on that ever-mounting credit card debt, you might be living beyond your means. Your spending habits really can impact your financial future. Let’s take a look at some signs that indicate you are living beyond your means. No, or Little Savings It’s time to curb your spending when you notice that your savings aren’t increasing over time. Sure, you probably have a heap of bills to pay, but you should still be able to dedicate some money from each paycheck to your savings or investments. Before you spend your paycheck, consider that spending it today will reduce your ability to clear debts and enjoy financial freedom. A Seemingly Insurmountable Debt If you have built up credit card or school loan debt that just seems to keep on growing due to high- interest rates, you might be living beyond your means. Instead of reaching for the plastic for each purchase, use cash. Also, mind your spending. Think about how nice it would be to pay down your debt instead of buying coffee each morning, splurging on video games or running up a tab at the bar. A Reliance on Cash Advances If you use your credit card for cash advances, you are undoubtedly living beyond your means. Cash advances through your credit card company come with exorbitant interest rates that make the loan incredibly difficult to pay off in full and in a reasonable amount…

Since we’re in the business of helping alleviate stress during those unfortunate financial emergencies, the team here at Northcash just took it one step further: we’ve officially opened the new Self-Service Customer Center! So, consider this our official invitation to create your Self-Service account, which was designed to make managing your lending needs as straightforward as possible.  #digitalhighfive  “But What Does It Do?”   As you can probably guess from its name, our Self-Service Customer Center lets you do just that: streamline your account management independently and easily through our secure, online portal. Our customers now have easy, on-the-go access to account details like: Balance information; Up-to-date payment history; A schedule of upcoming payment dates; Promotional Email and SMS communication preferences; And access to a new loan application if the need arises in the future. Put simply, this platform tailors our customer services to your unique needs, any time you need it. While you can still call one of our Customer Care Representatives, you now have all your account details right at your fingertips. It’s lending organization at its finest.  

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When you get married, there’s a lot of advice for newlyweds thrown your way. People are quick to advise you on how to keep your love life sizzling and your relationship happy, but there’s one type of advice for newlyweds that you really should heed, and that’s how to keep your finances in good shape. A great financial future starts by saving money wherever you can, so here’s how to save when buying items for your new household after you get married. Furniture If you’re lucky, one or both of you lived on your own before you got married. If so, you probably have furniture that you can use to furnish your new home, at least temporarily, until you can save up to buy new things for your new house. When you are ready to buy, save money by shopping during peak holiday times, which is when stores typically hold their big sales. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or free delivery. You could be surprised by a “yes” that brings savings, too. Consider buying the floor model, and skip “customized” furniture as it usually costs more. Appliances While you should try to buy the best quality large appliances that you can afford, since you’ll be using most of them daily for years to come, you can still save money with savvy shopping. For washers, dryers, and refrigerators, look out for “scratch and dent” sales. These are sales stores use to get rid of display models that have…

If you or one of your loved ones is headed off to school, you may be searching for a reliable vehicle to transport them to and from their college campus. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a vehicle that overextends your budget. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of great tips for buying affordable cars for students! A car doesn’t have to be expensive to get you where you need to be. In fact, you should seriously consider buying a used car if you can find a reliable make and model that is suited to your needs. However, be careful when buying used cars because those with too much wear and tear can actually be more expensive in the long run because of the repairs and replacements needed to keep them running. On a related note, take the costs to keep a car running in mind when comparing price. Take into account the fuel efficiency of each vehicle, as well as the monthly premium that must be paid to keep them insured. Take the time to shop around by visiting local car dealers as well as websites that have cars for sale. By shopping around, you get a better sense of the options available to you, meaning that you are more likely to find one suited to your purposes. Be sure to check their reviews to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable seller at all times. Don’t hesitate…

Does the thought of spending excessive amounts of money on costumes, candy, decorating supplies and parties have you scared this Halloween? Never fear. If you are searching for ideas to save money, we’ve got some BOO-tiful tips that will help you cut back on Halloween spending in order to make the holiday less frightful for your bank account. Ideas to Help You Scare up Some Savings this Halloween Costumes: Don’t let the high price of brand new pre-made costumes take a bite out of your budget this Halloween. You can get a ghost of a deal on second-hand items from your local thrift store. Although many thrift stores and second-hand shops offer actual costumes, many times you can save even more by purchasing clothing and accessories to create your own. If these savings aren’t ghoulish enough for you, consider rummaging through your own closet and the closets of friends and family members for clothing that can be altered or added to in order to create something free and one of a kind. Candy and Treats: Haunt the Halloween aisle the day before or the day of Halloween. Some stores significantly discount Halloween items at the last minute in order to make room for Christmas themed items. Additional ideas to save money include purchasing gum or less popular candy varieties, buying Halloween treats in bulk or purchasing or making inexpensive party favors in place of edible items. Decorating Supplies: Purchasing store bought decorations during the weeks prior to Halloween can leave…

The world of short term lending holds a lot of possibilities for people who are looking for assistance when their bank account falls short, or are in a situation of financial hardship. Unfortunately, there is also an unsavory side to lending that borrowers can fall victim to if they are not careful when applying for funds. This article will explain how short term lending works and how to choose safe, reputable lenders.   Sticking to the Traditional Route   If you’re looking into short term lending it’s probably because you didn’t qualify for a traditional loan. Whether it’s the application process, credit check, or collateral requirements; there’s a lot about a bank loan that makes it difficult for struggling borrowers to get approved. There are no guarantees that the bank can handle short term lending in house.   Word of Mouth, It Gets Around   If you are unable to find information on short term lending through your bank, the next place to go is a short term lender. Do some research online to find reputable lenders who can lend you the money you need. Once you have a list of possible lenders you can take a two-fold approach to verify they have a trusted reputation:   1. Since you may have found these lenders online, you should be able to find evidence of any required certifications or performance reviews. If it’s not there, contact the lender directly and request the information.   2. Back-up your findings with customer rates…

Your 20s is a time where you will do a lot of learning; with learning comes mistakes. However, you shouldn’t let the mistakes of your 20s hurt your future. To that end, you should strive to avoid common money mistakes that 20-somethings make that have a huge impact on your financial future. Ignoring your retirement We realize that your retirement seems like it’s a million years away, but the golden years of your life will sneak up on you if you aren’t prepared. One of the biggest problems that retirees have is managing their finances, because their retirement fund isn’t big enough to effectively sustain. Start investing in your retirement right now so that this isn’t a problem for you.

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