What to do on a Staycation? 5 Ideas That Stay On Budget

What to do on a staycation

Maybe you don’t have the budget to embark on an extensive adventure or perhaps you just don’t have the time to get away from the office. Either way, a staycation lets you kick back and relax without having to pack your bags and book a flight. You might want some time to yourself or you might be looking to spend some time with your loved ones; on a staycation, anything goes!

Here are some great ideas for what to do on a staycation:

Have A Spa Day

Planning a little at-home pampering is a great opportunity to relax and unwind. You can fire up the jets in your soaker tub or hot tub and even add some bubbles. Maybe grab some products ahead of time to do your own hair, skin or nail treatments. Bypassing a trip to a high-end, high-priced spa doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little R&R in your own at-home spa!

Go Camping

This idea is great especially if the kids are involved. You can pitch a tent in the backyard, grill hot dogs, make s’mores and sit around your own fire pit. Plus, it’s much more convenient than adventure camping because you can easily access the conveniences of your own bathroom and kitchen if need be. Not to mention, you don’t have to pay a fee to enjoy the outdoors and camp in your own backyard.

Plan a New Dining Experience

You may have always wanted to travel to Maine for their lobster or maybe New Orleans for their crawfish. If you can’t hop on a plane to explore new cuisines, the internet now makes it easier than ever to have all kinds of exotic foods shipped right to your door within 24 hours. Exploring new cuisines can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy a Movie Or Book Marathon

Especially enjoyable on chilly days and nights, you can curl up on your couch with some books you’ve been wanting to dive into or some of your favorite movies. You can order in for dinner and simply relax.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars towards a getaway in order to relax and unwind. If you’re wondering what to do on a staycation, rack your brain and think of all the things you already love to do.

Want more great money saving ideas? Here are 5 tips to save on furniture.

DIY doesn’t always mean making things in your home look better. There are plenty of DIY home repair projects that you can do that either improve the way things work or fix existing problems. If you feel like venturing into DIY home repairs that will save you a bundle of money without being too risky, here are a few things you can easily manage on your own without calling in a professional. Fix Your Faucet’s Water Pressure Typically, the problem with a faucet lies with the aerator, which is really easy to clean and replace. To find out if you need to clean or replace the aerator, you will need to remove it. Use a pair of pliers to turn the aerator clockwise. Split up the parts that are within the component and clean them. If it looks like any of the parts are damaged, replace it. It is best to take all of the parts to your hardware store to find the right match.

Coupons, used wisely, offer amazing savings—a great way to make things work when money is tight without sacrificing all the things we love to have, a great way to squeeze a movie night out of an already well-optimized budget. But that’s only when you use them right. Coupons aren’t always your friend, so make sure you remember these five coupon tips the next time you’re clipping or printing, lest you fall for the same coupon mistakes so many others have before: Buying things you don’t need. This is one of the most repeated coupon tips, for good reason. Just because you can get something cheaper doesn’t mean it’s worth spending money on. Far too many budget conscious people end up with pantries and storage rooms full of ‘bargains’ not at all worth the expenditure. That’s not to say that you should give up on a nice little extra courtesy of a coupon here and there—just make sure the coupon makes enough difference.

Does the thought of spending excessive amounts of money on costumes, candy, decorating supplies and parties have you scared this Halloween? Never fear. If you are searching for ideas to save money, we’ve got some BOO-tiful tips that will help you cut back on Halloween spending in order to make the holiday less frightful for your bank account. Ideas to Help You Scare up Some Savings this Halloween Costumes: Don’t let the high price of brand new pre-made costumes take a bite out of your budget this Halloween. You can get a ghost of a deal on second-hand items from your local thrift store. Although many thrift stores and second-hand shops offer actual costumes, many times you can save even more by purchasing clothing and accessories to create your own. If these savings aren’t ghoulish enough for you, consider rummaging through your own closet and the closets of friends and family members for clothing that can be altered or added to in order to create something free and one of a kind. Candy and Treats: Haunt the Halloween aisle the day before or the day of Halloween. Some stores significantly discount Halloween items at the last minute in order to make room for Christmas themed items. Additional ideas to save money include purchasing gum or less popular candy varieties, buying Halloween treats in bulk or purchasing or making inexpensive party favors in place of edible items. Decorating Supplies: Purchasing store bought decorations during the weeks prior to Halloween can leave…

Birthday gifts are a great way to show someone special in your life how much you care. However, you don’t always want to derail your budget to do so. That’s why sometimes you need inexpensive birthday gift ideas. You can demonstrate your affection for them while also keeping your savings goal in check. So see our list of 3 inexpensive birthday gift ideas. Make a photo collage The world is awash in the photos of your friends and family because of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So if you are looking for inexpensive birthday gift ideas, why not make a photo collage that represents your friend. You can go on their account, download the photos you want, and put them all together according to a theme. It’s a thoughtful and budget-friendly gift option. Make a print of their favorite quote If you’ve got someone your shopping for that loves inspiring quotes, this is a great option. Pick a quote and get it lettered on an 8.5 x 11 print and have it framed for their wall. It will serve as a reminder of your friendship for years to come. Offer a dinner party for two (or more!) Offering your services as a chef for a dinner for your friend (or more people!) at their apartment is another great option. Everybody wins as you and your friend get to spend time together and you both get a delicious home cooked meal. Even if you aren’t an expert chef, there…

Budgeting around the holidays can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you have a long list of people to buy gifts for or some last minute guests from out of town. Or perhaps you just went a little over budget on the kids’ toys and need to get back some control. Whatever reason you have for needing inexpensive Christmas gift ideas, here are a few simple presents your friends and family will appreciate. A Personalized Memento Embellish or hand paint a picture frame, insert your favorite photo, and give it as a personalized memento. Turn favorite photos or vacation souvenirs into personalized wall art or a scrap book. If there is an activity you both enjoy doing together give something that commemorates or celebrates that occasion. A Plant Local florists and grocery stores have a variety of house plants that make great inexpensive Christmas gift ideas. This can also be a good choice if you can attach some sentimental value to it. For example, flowers from grandma’s garden that have been in your family for generations, or a plant native to a favorite vacation spot serve as heartfelt presents perfect for the holiday season. iTunes Gift Card or Other Digital Download iTunes, PlayStation, Xbox Live, and other online gaming and entertainment companies sell gift cards to pay for downloads. Downloads are usually cheaper than their physical counterparts, so a gift card in a small denomination can actually make for a fun present for the gamers and digitally savvy people in your…

Too often, it feels as if you cannot possibly have a baby and still save money at the same time. However, this does not have to be true. There are ways to save money with a baby that will let you experience the best of both worlds and help you support your growing family well into the future. Save more with coupons Start planning well before the baby arrives. Look out for special offers, free samples, and money off coupons and online offers. Many stores and manufacturers will provide samples of their products, from diapers to creams, to encourage you to buy from them. Free feeding first Breastfeeding is not only the healthiest option in most cases, but also the cheapest way to feed your newborn. You only have to look at the price of powdered baby milk to begin to see the savings; not to mention the additional costs of bottles and sterilizers. Cost effective clothing It can be tempting to buy a whole new wardrobe for your baby. However, keep in mind that they will spend most of their first few months in simple onesies, and they are most likely to outgrow other clothing before they get a chance to wear it.

Having a wedding is an expensive endeavor. The average cost of a wedding is $26,645, but many couples manage to keep the price under $10,000. Still, it’s not easy to have a budget wedding. Expenses pile up fast and you can undermine your budget goals fast. So if you looking to have a great wedding and stick to your savings goals, see our 5 tips to have a budget wedding. Choose a different day of the week Saturday is by far the most popular day of the week for people to get married. So venues and other wedding related services will offer lower prices if you book for a weekday or even a Sunday. If you get married early in the peak season as well, the savings will be even greater for your budget wedding. Book far in advance By booking venues and other services super early, you’ll save a lot on these expenses. That also allows you to be strategic for when you purchase other things, like invitations, to wait for sales. Keep the liquor options limited Don’t provide a fully stocked bar for your friends and family. Instead, get a keg from a local brewery and have a few wine options on hand. That will be enough to keep everyone happy while keeping your budget on track. You can also add a cocktail option as well to suit other tastes. Don’t serve a sit-down dinner Instead of splurging on a fully catered sit down dinner, consider appetizers instead….

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